Linux Shell Scripting is & always has been one of the most desired skills that a System Administrator and now DevOps engineers are required to have. It has been used by Linux experts to perform all sorts of tasks, especially repetitive tasks or for automating tasks.

Consider this post as the central reference point for all Scripting tutorials published here at The Linux GURUS. This scripting tutorial just provides a brief about scripting & why we require it. Mentioned below is list of all the tutorials to get yourself started with & master it.

Bash Scripting tutorial

1- Scripting – Understanding Linux Environment variables – In this scripting tutorial, we will learn about Linux shell variables or Environment variables. We will learn their types, how to create them, check them.

2- Bash Scripting – using variables in Linux shell scripts – In this tutorial, we will learn to the variables in bash scripts. We have discussed examples for using local variables, global variables & also command substitution variables.

3- Bash scripting – performing arithmetic operation in shell script – In this tutorial, we have discussed various arithmetic operations as well about logical/boolean operations as well.

4- Bash Scripting- Using conditionals (if else in shell script)- Here we have discussed how we to use the conditional statements in bash script. We discussed about if-else, if-then-else, multiple if statements & about elif statements.

5- Bash Scripting- Performing file, string comparisons & numeric comparisons in Bash- In this tutorial, we have discussed how we can perform file, numeric & string comparisons.

6- Bash Scripting- Using Logical operators in shell scripts:- In this tutorial, we have discussed some advanced concepts for performing mathematical, string comparison as well as using logical operators.

7- Scripting- Using FOR loops in shell script- In this tutorial, we have discussed about FOR loop in a shell script.

8- Bash Scripting- Taking user input using Read command in shell script- Here we discuss how we can take input from users & assign as a value for variable to be used in shell script.

9- Bash Scripting- Using until & while loop in shell script- Here we have discussed use of more loops i.e. while & until loops.

10- Bash Scripting- Controlling Loops using Continue & Break in shell script- In this tutorial, we have discussed how we control loops in out shell scripts using continue & break commands.

11- Bash Scripting- Input output redirection in Linux- Learn how to redirect the input & output in Linux with this tutorial.

12- Bash Scripting- Creating Shell Script Functions- Learn how to create functions for bash scripts as well also learn about creating local variables in this tutorial.

This is our completes our tutorial, we will be adding more scripting tutorials in future & will also update about those in this tutorial. If you have any suggestions, or queries about this scripting tutorial or any other tutorial, you can connect to us using the comment box below.

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